David Burggraaf  Portfolio

Woodward control commissioning, trouble shouting, training and advice.

From 2006 till 2016 i have worked at Woodward Nederland BV as Field service engineer. The project over the years gave me the opportunity to work with Woodward hardware and software over a big range of different controls, software and systems.
In those 10 years was 50% of my work on gas engines. So i have worked on single point and multi point systemen. Lean Burn Trim system (E3-LBT) on MAN V4, L6, V8 and V12, Scania L6 and V8, Liebherr, Deutz Lean Burn Full Authority EGS-01, EGS-02 (E3-FA) on Caterpillar engines at power stations and offshore and MHI engines on ships as gas electric propulsion
Beside sporadic work on gas turbine controls and steam turbine actuators ( VariStroke ). Most of the other work was on load sharing with 723+, 733 and easYgen, 2301A, 2301D and 2301E, UG25+
Toolkit is the new standard HMI tool for the Woodward controls. I have made many Toolkits for systems/controls to speed up commissioning and/or trouble shooting. With the experience about the system and software i made Toolkits for 723+ to get a better overview and trends then with Watch Windows or handheld. Also the standard Toolkits have been modified to get a better tool for commissioning and trouble shouting. As an Toolkit is standard for one device, I can also make a new Toolkit were I intergrate all device in one Toolkit.

Some projects

Lean Burn Trim systems on Biogas at farmers


EGS-01 Lean Burn Full Authority for gas electric propulsion.

EGS-01 EGS-02 E3-FA Tecjet

EGS-02 Lean Burn Full Authority for gas genset at Offshore production platform

EGS-01 EGS-02 E3-FA Tecjet

Rich Burn genset

E3 Rich Burn

Lean Burn Multi point injection for gensets

Impluse sogav

Engine controls for diesels on ships and offshore plaforms

723+ 733 2301A 2301D 2301E UG25+

Load sharing controls on ships

723+ 733 2301A 2301D 2301E

GenSet controls